Breast Cancer Treatments

Every breast cancer is as unique as a person. Every tumor has a distinct personality and a distinct genetic make-up. That is why the treatment for each tumor has to be tailored to that woman’s individual pathology. There is no “one size fits all” in the treatment of  patients with breast cancer.

There are new specialized tests that we do on the tumor itself that helps individualize the treatment. These tests are routinely ordered by Dr. Schneider when indicated.

Dr. Schneider is an expert in the technique of oncoplastic surgery, which increase the rate of breast conservation. Her local recurrence rate following breast conserving surgery is less than 1% compared to a nationwide rate of 9.7% .  In addition, a recent study shows a local recurrence rate of almost 20% following lumpectomy and partial breast irradiation (APBI).


Q: My biopsy was benign. Does that mean I am safe from ever getting breast cancer?
It’s always good news when a biopsy comes back benign. But a biopsy has no predictive value and something atypical can indicate increased risk.
Q: A lump…now what?
Breast cancer is different from any other cancer. It not only strikes the part of a woman that makes her feel like a woman-and that which society places the greatest emphasis upon-but it can also affect women emotionally and psychologically, attacking their mind, self esteem and self worth.